OVER GROWN : the art of Hayden Senter & Jason Blandford


Here's to collaboration!

TRUST is thrilled to present a special collaborative exhibition of visual art by local artists CHAIRBOY, aka Hayden Senter, and WILD CHILD, aka Jason Blandford, FIRST THURSDAY, July 6th, from 6-11 pm.  FREE & ALL AGES.  


Hayden Senter

My work is the exploration of the void between what I believe to be permanent in my life and the truth of its inherent ephemeral nature.  Re-creating this feeling in this body of work has become the search for a solution or understanding of this void.

 Often I use the figure to convey a sense of apathetic acceptance. The figures in my work are given the option of a solution to a problem, but are seemingly ignorant to the fact that there is one.  Placing them in an environment that mirrors these same ideas of impermanence allows for a continuous narrative.  

Through the making of this work I am essentially solidifying these emotions that describe a point in time. In these moments the problems were clarified and answered with stagnancy or progression. Whether positive or negative the imagery in my work illustrates an awareness.

Jason Blandford

Connect the dots that make you resonate, and you will have created a brilliant pattern.  Patterns used in multiples have always intrigued me.  I am drawn to cultures’ rich in pattern and their uses for symbolic purpose, language, ritual, and utilitarian function.  These other worlds separate from my own, or so I thought, introduced me to wide arrays of uses.  

Finding identity as an artist can be challenging.  I’ve been looking closer at the community I grew up in in rural Pennsylvania.  To my naked eye the dull countryside I once took for granted in my youth, I now see a vast patterned color soaked world within the environment and community. 

My work envelopes my own patterns incorporating figure and the wild, while creating my own visual language.  This world is so vast and diverse.  Let it envelope you and soak in everything.