Trust Collective invites you to this month's installation of DRAW SPACE, North Portland's monthly drink + draw event!  This month we celebrate English artist + occultist AUSTIN OSMAN SPARE, who became famous during the early-twentieth century for his exquisite linework + provocative imagery.  Considered the best portraitist in England at a very young age, Spare had a prolific +  tragic career, falling into obscurity toward the end of his life.  In addition to being the first fine artist to exhibit his work in bars + taverns, Spare is known for his exploration + development of creative techniques based upon his theories about the relationship between the conscious + unconscious self.  AUTOMATIC WRITING + DRAWING are two such techniques that allow the hand to move freely across the paper, inviting chance to guide the way.

Stop by DRAW SPACE this Tuesday, August 15th, between 7 + 11 pm, to create a spontaneous work of art in any medium, and have the opportunity to exhibit it at our ONE NIGHT, inaugural art show, LAST THURSDAY, AUGUST 31st, from 6-8 pm, at our new EAST SIDE work space!  


For creative people of ALL LEVELS

21+ only

FREE to enter w/ purchase from the bar

Trust Collective provides paper + surfaces, some drawing + collage supplies + reference materials.  If interested in drawing live models, or have any suggestions, please email Noelle , using the form below...

Please contact Noelle with your questions, and to recieve updates on future drawing sessions + invitations to group art exhibitions in North Portland!

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